Final program #AstroPlant 7-8 April

Howdy space geeks!
Here the updated and probably final program of our upcoming hackathon

Day 1

Be there at 2pm!

1415-1430 Opening by Thieme Hennis (Border Labs) & Emma van der Leest (BlueCity)
1430-1500 Keynote “Biology as Guiding Paradigm for Interstellar Travel” Angelo Vermeulen (TU Delft)
1500-1545 Lightning talks by experts/facilitators (5-10 minutes)

  • Zjef van Acker (AVF) & Seppe Salari (WUR) intro to growing food in controlled environments
  • Fatima Pínto (ESA) about building engaging educational activities with ESA
  • Christel Paille (ESA, MELiSSA) about MELiSSA and building regenerative life support systems
  • Jonas Martens (Better Future Factory) about smart aesthetics and product design (possibly canceled)
  • Arthur van de Graaf (Get a crowd) about effective business development and crowdfunding
  • Casper Koomen (FarmHack) about data visualisation and sensing plants

1545-1900 Groups start working on the prototype and/or challenge
1730-1800 Snacks and drinks are available
1900-2000 Feedback dinner: Groups check out each other’s work and provide feedback
2000-2100 Finalising work and preparing for day 2
2100-2120 Closing keynote: Lucie Poulet (ESA)
2120-2200 Drinks

Day 2

0900-0930 Coffee, tea and cookies
0930-0945 Opening by Thieme Hennis
0945-1010 Opening keynote Chloé Rutzerveld “A Different Take on Food”
1010-1200 Working on challenges
1200-1300 Walking lunch
1300-1320 Lunch lecture Zjef van Acker “How The Association for Vertical Farming contributes to space exploration”
1320-1600 Working on challenges
1600-1630 Each group presents to the jury
1630-1700 Jury announcements and prizes for each challenge
1700-1800 Closing statement + Drinks

More details below…

Day 1 (April 7_2pm-10pm): Living in space & Building AstroPlant

Start at 14:30 with a captivating keynote by Angelo Vermeulen, who was crew commander of a HI-SEAS Mars simulation mission of several months on Hawaii. He will talk about the importance of food and cooking during long space missions and also discuss the ESA’s MELiSSA project, which is the acronym for ‘Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative’ – hence, the project that is trying to develop systems that enable us to live independently of the earth and to make it possible for mankind to finally venture out into deep space.

Then, after the (star)dust has settled and we’ve become accustomed to the idea of living in space, we return to this planet to work on the actual AstroPlant prototype. First, a string of captivating lightning talks will be given by all the facilitators of the workshop that will assist us in making the prototype and work on the challenges. Building the kit first will enable you to get a good understanding of the project and to better address the challenges. You will choose a challenge and then work on it in groups.

During dinner, you’re asked to share your preliminary results and ideas with other groups to ensure integration and collaboration. After making plans for day 2, a final keynote awaits you by Lucie Poulet. She will talk about HI-SEAS and the psychology of space flight as well as her research into overcoming the challenges of growing plants in space and and exploration into challenges of Life-Support Systems for long-duration missions in the solar system.

The evening will further consist of networking opportunities and drinks and delicious vegan ‘bitterballs’.

Day 2 (April 8_9:30am-5pm): Cooking in Deep Space

So the second day will entirely be focused on making prototypes and working concepts related with the various challenges, which include

  • Creating an engaging user experience for citizens scientists and learners
  • Designing an attractive but also useful (foldable?) construction for the AstroPlant
  • Visualise how plants feel!
  • Creating a sustainable business of AstroPlant (the kit, the educational experience, and more?)
  • Build a complete and working kit

In addition, but without keeping you from your work, there will also be a couple of interesting and relevant speakers on the second day, including the opening keynote by artist, food designer, and allround geek Chloé Rutzerveld, and the lunch lecture by vertical farmer and expert Zjef van Acker from the Association of Vertical Farming, whose talk will give you insight into the realities of urban farming/vertical farming.

Your group will be presenting your prototype or ideas by the end of the afternoon, where we will give out several nice rewards and discuss how to remain part of the #AstroPlant mission.

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I have a background in educational research (dropout education, open education, MOOCs) and currently independent educational researcher and consultant. In addition, I work in the field of sustainable circular systems (neighbourhood waste management) and am one of the organisers of the European Space Farm Collective, a distributed network of individuals and organisations working in the field of closed-habitat systems, urban and space agriculture, sensor networks, sustainability, science education, and systems design.

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