AstroPlant #spacefarming Challenge

Date: 7 April 14:00-22:00 & 8 April 9:00-18:00
Where: BlueCity Rotterdam

The hackathon where urban and space farmers meet!

Always wanted to be a space farmer? Now you can. Work with the European Space Agency during this 2-day space farming hackathon at circular space village BlueCity Rotterdam! The program will be announced this month, but expect the following

  • Inspiring speakers from the space industry, design, and science
  • Working on hydroponics based ‘food computers’
  • Great vegetarian food (we don’t expect animal protein in space for a long long time!)
  • A creative crowd with skills encompassing urban gardening, engineering, space biology, IoT, art, data visualisation, software development, startup investment, and more.

You will work on the citizen science and educational project AstroPlant, a DIY hydroponics based growkit stuffed with sensors to monitor the plants growing inside of it. The data is being used to determine which of these plants are suitable for growing in space. Become a space farmer and help develop a recipe for space. You can work on the hardware, the software (data architecture as well as app development), the UX and educational content, on data visualisation, on business models to fund cheap distribution of the kit to schools, universities and homes across the world, and more.

Registration open! Sign up here.

Listen to space explorers and inspiring vertical farmersDesign and work with othersLearn about hydroponics and to make a grow chamberLearn about crowdfunding or creating a viable business planOther (write below)

Product design and aestheticsExperience design/UXBiology/plant scienceHydroponics/vertical farming techProgrammingData visualisationLearning designCitizen scienceBusiness developmentCrowdfundingPhotography/video skillsRegenerative life support systemsSpaceOther

Design a beautiful or cool AstroPlant growboxDesign an engaging learning experience for young citizen scientistsVisualise how plants feel and talk and build a working app (front-end + visualisation)Integrate all sensors and mechanical componentsCreate a business model for AstroPlantHelp AstroPlants communicate with each other and with citizen scientists (back-end)Make a purchase and assembly planHelp create a great Kickstarter campaign of the AstroPlant



— Thanks to our event sponsors!

Published by thieme

I have a background in educational research (dropout education, open education, MOOCs) and currently independent educational researcher and consultant. In addition, I work in the field of sustainable circular systems (neighbourhood waste management) and am one of the organisers of the European Space Farm Collective, a distributed network of individuals and organisations working in the field of closed-habitat systems, urban and space agriculture, sensor networks, sustainability, science education, and systems design.

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