Space Chef

Adventurous Chef needed!
You like to make delicious food? Are you a chef and system engineer in one? There is a great challenge ahead: developing a menu for space as part of our project ‘Recipes for Space’ in collaboration with the European Space Agency. Our concrete offer is that you will work with us, ESA, and other relevant partners on the food for our next Border Sessions. You use ingredients that are likely sources of nutrition for future space explorers and make it tasty. More than just engineering great food, you will be part of the ‘Recipes for Space’ project, which is a competition for chefs like yourself, with the goal of collecting and assessing a range of relevant and interesting recipes for future space missions.

You are..

  • A creative explorer
  • With great taste
  • And an academic mindset
  • To be able to find the ultimate set of ingredients for delicious food during the festival…

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